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Strap on the armor of a Clone Trooper in the Grand Army of the Republic, and immerse yourself in the Star Wars universe. Upgrade your trooper by crafting weapons, levelling skills, and discovering/unboxing loot & gear such as cosmetics and exotic weaponry. Fight for victory across the galaxy.
Age of the Republic
Don't trust anyone, anybody around you could be a traitor. In between sniffing out filthy traitors among your group, feel free to dive into the super in-depth weapon & item system featuring random stats and constant events & guaranteed fun for everyone.
TERA - Trouble in Terrorist Town
In an arcade gamemode set in an alternate universe where The Annual Purge is legal, players work to survive The Purge night by night by building their base and making money to afford weapons and supplies while they fight for survival.
The Purge - Round Based
Immerse yourself in a world of law and order, and choose between tons of jobs like Civilian, Gang, EMS or Police. Choose between legal and illegal money making like manufacturing drugs or cooking and selling food. With over 70+ vehicles and hundreds of items to collect and craft.
City Roleplay
Players immerse themselves in the fan favorite location; Los Santos. A thriving metropolis packed together with danger, fun, and many many people. Featuring a large roster of jobs and activities, players can finally roleplay on a server that hosts nothing but a great experience to be had by all. Our goal is to standout from the rest with our dedicated care and respect for our community and the content that we implement.
(Coming Soon) SantosRP - FiveM Roleplay
Experience the relaxing yet classical survival feeling of Minecraft, but with some twists. Players are given the option to choose classes, level skills, and loot for powerful gear and magical weapons. Players must take on the story of the Wildlands, which is filled to the brim with increasingly difficult custom mobs, terrifying and mighty bosses, deep quests and interesting stories, and many adventures to be had.
(Coming Soon) Minecraft Wildlands
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