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Update Love For The Republic Update - February 14th, 2021

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[EVENT] Season Of Love
  • Colonel Cupid has arrived on base and can be found at the Event Hall selling various Valentines themed items.​
  • Various NPCs will sell a Love Letter, which can be used to craft the new Native Bow.​
  • Purchase the limited time "Lovable Nameplate", which displays your name as pink until February 28th.​
  • Native Bow and Colonel Cupid's stock will only be available until February 22nd.​

Update Patchnotes - February 10th, 2021

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[ADDED] New Gamemaster Improvements
  • Gamemasters now have fancy presets for their Q menu.​
    • More organization & preset additions will sprinkle across the coming updates.​
  • Q Menu permissions no longer have to be handed out by Sour and only Sour, broadening the horizons for future Gamemasters.​
    • Lower ranking/newer GMs can be restricted as to what they can and cannot see or spawn.​
  • New...​

Update Welcome to the new forums!

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Well, new is an overstatement.
Myself and a few others from the Upper Management end of DG went through and cleaned out all the ranks and posts that are otherwise irrelevant or unnecessary to keep around on our forums. If you are a PoliceRP or other server player looking for the forums, sorry but you can only find your community on our Discord until the server is online and receives their own site.

For my Clone Wars people, I welcome you to our new platform and be sure to let Management know if you need your rank set or if you come across any issues. Thanks!

News Happy New Years

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Hello Night City!
Just kidding. We hope you have made the best of this year, since it has been pretty rough. During this year, the Community Directors have been planning massive changes for the community, and this announcement will serve as a guide for everyone as we start to move forward into the New Year and begin to put our plans in motion.

Please continue to read this announcement, as it includes essential information and plans for the community & our servers, both present and future.

As you may have noticed, our store has a new look. This isn’t something new, as we usually aim to improve our website each year or so...

News Chain of Command Changes

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As of 5/14/2020, we will be dissolving the Staff Supervisor rank.

We have chosen to do this simply because of the stigma of Staff Supervisors not doing much around the community, not acting like a global rank like it was meant to be. It was also to make room for another rank to join that will prove to be beneficial. What happens to the current Staff Supervisors? Keep reading and you will find out.

We mentioned a new rank, and this new rank being Head Administrator.
Head Administrators are essentially the...