News Chain of Command Changes

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As of 5/14/2020, we will be dissolving the Staff Supervisor rank.

We have chosen to do this simply because of the stigma of Staff Supervisors not doing much around the community, not acting like a global rank like it was meant to be. It was also to make room for another rank to join that will prove to be beneficial. What happens to the current Staff Supervisors? Keep reading and you will find out.

We mentioned a new rank, and this new rank being Head Administrator.
Head Administrators are essentially the assistants to the Server Managers, and are hand selected by the team of Server Managers to assist with their duties to ease their workload. These Head Admins will also take up the duties of Server Managers incase the Server Managers go on an LOA, or if they resign as the Head Administrators are chosen based off the fact of the Server Managers believing they are a role model to all of the staff members and could fill the shoes of the Server Managers.

With this change, we have chosen two of the Staff Supervisors to be promoted for their amazing actions and hard-work throughout our community, those members being @L Benn and @Dave Jones .
These two have received the rank of Community Manager.

Our other Staff Supervisors, such as @caden and @Oleg , have been set down to the Head Administrators of their designated servers, as this was a more fitting choice for them as those are the servers they spend most of their time on. @NoahG has received the rank of a full time Developer.

I would like to stress that this is not a demotion. The users who received Community Manager are trusted to perform their duties globally across all of our servers and platforms, while the Head Administrator users are set to do their same old duties on their favorite server.

Also with this change, myself and Val have chosen to start empowering the Server Managers and Community Managers with more power around our platforms. This information will be disclosed to them in a separate, staff-eyes-only announcement.

We strongly believe this change will be extremely beneficial for our community.
- Sour
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I believe if someone else was in there position it would be the way you want it never seen oleg do anything except for get staff in trouble when they fought against him in RP lol. Other then that I never seen him do much only if it involved him.
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