News Happy New Years

Hello Night City!
Just kidding. We hope you have made the best of this year, since it has been pretty rough. During this year, the Community Directors have been planning massive changes for the community, and this announcement will serve as a guide for everyone as we start to move forward into the New Year and begin to put our plans in motion.

Please continue to read this announcement, as it includes essential information and plans for the community & our servers, both present and future.

As you may have noticed, our store has a new look. This isn’t something new, as we usually aim to improve our website each year or so. However, we have made a massive leap to a new platform, bringing new features and a much nicer look. Of course, we will continue to add onto this system in the form of package rotation, featured packages and donators, and even a custom in-game pop up with bonus text to speech or global display options, just for those people who really want to show off a funny emoji and message to multiple servers at once.

In early 2021, you will begin to notice that we are drawing a clear line between our servers. We plan to treat each server as their own community hosted by DefconGaming, receiving their own dedicated forums, discord, and also being assisted by the teams within our community in the form of advertisement, development, or the likes if needed. Once this process begins, the Clone Wars community will be the guinea pigs for the system, receiving their own personal forums to interact with and customize to their needs. As the bugs and potential issues are ironed out, the other servers will follow immediately. Until then, our other servers will only be accessible via Discord.

Using this new structuring plan is key for future servers, especially as we begin to expand to other games, or as we grow among the garry’s mod scene. With the changes mentioned above, we will be looking to outsource our community, allowing our own staff members or external entities with pre-existing servers or ideas to be hosted by us. In the near future, we will be allowing applications from anyone willing to become a part of our family. Stay tuned for that.

With these changes, we have also decided to cut down on our main, central Discord server and it will be used more as a staff team hub. Instead, players are encouraged to simply pick the server’s Discord that they play on or want to keep up with. Since we want to emphasize the safe, neutral, serious-yet-friendly factors of our community, we will also be introducing a new globalized warning & punishment system to enforce the big boy rules in the near future.

“Who will be running the servers, now and in the future?” might be a question that you are thinking. From now on, each community will be assigned ONE Community Manager. This position can only be held by one person for a community, and their sole job is to keep the server fresh with constant updates and keeping their community afloat with the tools & assistance they are given by Community Directors.

Aside from that, the staff structure has been altered to fit the new changes. Any future communities will be given the option to adopt the following structure, or they can make necessary changes if needed.
Community Manager (typ. 1 maximum)
Server Manager (typ. 2 maximum)
Head Admin (typ. 1 maximum)
Senior Administrator
Trial Moderator

As for what’s ahead for our current servers;
Purge Roleplay,
our longest running server is very overdue for a change. We believe that the gamemode deserves more than just a money grind, sitting in a base staring at a printer. This formula worked back in 2015, but it is now 2021 and time to get with it correctly. We plan to turn the Purge gamemode into a multi-server arcade listing, each server acting as a lobby for 40 players to take part in a round based, run-and-gun minigame. To do this, we will be partnering with Electric Mango, a team of developers led by Noodler. Coincidentally, this is the same Noodler that beat us to the Purge gamemode all those years back. His team are looking to bring a brand new experience to the gamemode, and we are excited to team up with them.

Santos Roleplay, a staple of the roleplay scene on garry’s mod has been quiet for too long. Everyone may be tired of the usual cops and robbers mirroring our modern day lifestyle, and that’s fair. We have decided it’s best for us to move in a different direction for this server, and instead put players in the shoes of civilians in the Southside of New York during the 1960s, where mafia families are prevalent in power. Our plan is to improve on everything we have learned in the years of running Santos, from performance, economy, and ultimately gameplay.

If this server receives a bad reaction from our community, we will take the new & improved gamemode base and bring back Los Santos in a new fashion. There will be a following announcement for previous SantosRP donators regarding a fixed compensation prior to the Mafia server’s release.

We also have a few servers planned for 2021, so make sure you stay tuned for those as well.

We know this has been a lot to read, and this may become something that simply needs to be explained instead of just casually mentioned. We hope you all are ready for the massive changes, and are excited to be going through this with you, the players & the dedicated staff members that keep us moving forward.

Happy New Years everybody.
  • Sgt.Val, Sour, Sherman, Sono, Magic and the rest of the team.
This is very exciting news and I really wanna know what else is coming towards this community this year :)
So, couple questions:

- With there being 1 Community Manager, will that be the highest rank to a server? And will they be running the server to their own path with advisement to the DG Managers, or will it still be run the same as always?
- With Senior Moderator rank being removed, what will happen with the staff who hold this position?
- With the soon allowance of staff applications from anyone, what does that exactly entail?
- Are there any changes or updates SPECIFIC to Police RP?