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Sep 5, 2020
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[Topic] Jek's loadout change, buffing Riot Control DLT-19

This is my current loadout:

1st slot:

2nd slot:
Id card
Anaxes grid map
Cg stun DC-17
police fortification tablet

3rd slot:
Military police " Judge, Jury, Blank"
Shock trooper shield

4th slot:
Military police DC-15a
Riot police DLT-19
Grappling hook

5th slot:
Rayshield generator placer

6th slot:
Citation tablet

So what do i want to change: i would like to get iconic Jek's RP6 back for exchange of Military police "Judge, Jury, Blank" and Rayshield generator placer (bubble shield).

Why would i do that: As Jek is my duty to deal with riots and protecting repcomm and since repcomm is stationed at CB most of the time so with that said i don't need Bubble shield. And as far as i know everything goes through rayshield even grenades (correct me if i'm wrong) and for being fired upon, Jek and Riot control is equiped with personal shield (downgraded version of Centurion Company shield). So with this said, in my opinion there's no need for having bubble shield since Riot Control has shield which should be used for protecting people from being shot. The gun which i would like to trade is not good nor bad so i would say this would be decent trade (stats of weapon listed below).
If i would get RP6 back i could defend repcomm outside of base with destroying any hostile vehicle approaching to our position.

Stats of the Military police "Judge, Jury, Blank":
- Accuracy: 5 II 0
- Firerate: 350RPM
- Mobility: 85%
- Damage: 57 (actual)
- Range: 0.76km
- Stability: 67%
- 35 bullets in amg

Proof of Jek having RP6 in loadout in lore:

Ok, now i will talk about Riot Control DTL-19. These are current stats:
- Accuracy: 6 II 1
- Firerate: 600RPM
- Mobility: 100%
- Damage: 32 (actual)
- Range: 0.76km
- Stability: 61%
-80 bullets in mag

This weapon has hell of a recoil, if you aim straight after 4 shots you are aiming up in the sky, you can't scope on it (there's no basic scope option like limited power has) etc. Weapon is considered as "Heavy Blaster Rifle" (LMG). So my suggestion is to increase accuracy, add a basic scope (like limited power has) for exchange of 15%-20% mobility since this should be "Heavy Blaster Rifle". LMG is normally decently accurate but it takes away your mobility due to big magazine and weight.

[Benefit] Jek would become more lore friendly and got his iconic RP6 back, slight improve to Riot control loadout

[Extra] Leave feedback on this
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