Update Love For The Republic Update - February 14th, 2021

[EVENT] Season Of Love
  • Colonel Cupid has arrived on base and can be found at the Event Hall selling various Valentines themed items.​
  • Various NPCs will sell a Love Letter, which can be used to craft the new Native Bow.​
  • Purchase the limited time "Lovable Nameplate", which displays your name as pink until February 28th.​
  • Native Bow and Colonel Cupid's stock will only be available until February 22nd.​

[UPDATED] Crystal Vendor
  • Red Visors restocked to 10.​
  • Sophisticated Intergalactic Maritime Pirate Title restocked to 5.
  • Bo Katan and Sabine Wren Helmets restocked to 4.
  • New Titles: Fly Me To The Moon, You Make My Earth Quake, I Need A Hero, stocked to 10.
  • New Visor: Lovable Holovisor, stocked to 10.
  • New Title to Celebrate the announcement of Minecraft Wildlands; Creeper! Aw man.
[UPDATED] PO3 Yorkshire interactive NPC's name changed to PO3 Enzoh.


[FIXED] Jumppacks not having good enough boost for Vaughn & Plo Koon's liking.
[FIXED] 332nd Officer Helmet Cosmetic showing a piece of pauldron when equipped.

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