Update Patchnotes - February 10th, 2021

[ADDED] New Gamemaster Improvements
  • Gamemasters now have fancy presets for their Q menu.​
    • More organization & preset additions will sprinkle across the coming updates.​
  • Q Menu permissions no longer have to be handed out by Sour and only Sour, broadening the horizons for future Gamemasters.​
    • Lower ranking/newer GMs can be restricted as to what they can and cannot see or spawn.​
  • New Battlefront 2 Combat Soundtracks that can be looped or turned down in volume.​
[ADDED] New models for Storage Banks, Gunsmithing Stations, and Crafting Tables.
  • 1612980841250.png

[ADDED] New Contributor & Content Creator decals available at the Astromech.
  • Represent your favorite creators such as WoofWoofWolffe and RedSpartan in addition to Banks, Mack, LoudMantis, ChanceSphere, and RenTheHen.
    • 1612981179548.png1612981172577.png1612981188808.png1612981195514.png1612981201475.png

[ADDED] A few new possible delivery locations for Jag.


[UPDATED] Made huge improvements to the Jetpacks & Jumppacks.
  • Completely overhauled all available Jetpacks.​
  • Fuel Display added.​
  • Jumppacks now have new visuals.​
  • Jetpacks now have new visuals.​

[UPDATED] Each Outpost now features two Medic Recharge Stations, as well as a Storage Bank and Crafting Tables.


[FIXED] Clone Commando Loadouts
  • Witt and Riggs now have their correct equipment.​
  • White Commandos no longer have the outdated & invisible weapons.​

[FIXED] 501st Officer missing Regimental Officer HP/Armor.
  • Also fixed 501st Officer claimboard permissions.​

[FIXED] Shock Medic issues?


[REMOVED] old stinky jetpacks
  • big bad unoptimization, server less lag now.​