CloneWarsRP Changelog - 3/5/2020


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Mar 15, 2020
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March 5th, 2020


  • Brand new Weekend NPC, CC-0000 Shape Shifter.
    • Shape Shifter will show up on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays and will spawn in a different area of the base each day.
    • Every weekend Shape Shifter will have an updated stock, only selling 6 items at a time.
      • Items are selected at complete random.
    • These items are considered Pinnacletier, which are the highest tier weapons and items in the server.
      • Starting Weapon Sets:
        • Republic Fury; Weapons fueled by the hatred for clankers.
        • Experimental; Weapons the Republic kept quiet as experimental tests.
        • Overgrown; Weapons embued with life energy of plants.
        • New Era; Weapons from different Star Wars Eras
        • Intergalactic; Weapons from another galaxy.
          • Spoiler

            (From left to right)
            Republic Fury DC-15S, Intergalactic Last Word

            (From left to right)
            Experimental DC-15-TSLA, Overgrown DC-15ALV-T3, New Era DLT-19
      • Starting Cosmetics:
        • Right Thigh Pouch
        • Left Thigh Pouch
        • Across the Galaxy Phase 1 Helmet Collection:
          • Spoiler

            (From left to right)
            Rancor Helmet, Geonosian Helmet, Ram Helmet, Steelpecker Helmet

            (From left to right)
            Red Fox Helmet, Anooba Helmet, Convor Helmet, Porg Helmet
        • + TONS AND TONS more cosmetics.

  • Tons of weapons into the Specialized lootcrate tier.
    • EL-16, E-44, FWMB-10, EL-16HFE, GLIE-44, DLT-19D, M-45, and SE-44c are now available in Lootcrates.

  • Added new Weapon Selection menu.

  • Player Icons
    • Players will no longer have their Steam Avatar shown on Head HUDs.
    • Players can unlock new Avatars by completing certain challenges or purchasing/trading new ones.
    • Eventually there will be Icons added to the Lootcrates, but for now you can only:
      • Get icons by reaching max Crafting/Gun Smithing.
        • Spoiler

          [*]Mastery of Crafting Player Icon


          Mastery of Gun Smithing Player Icon
      • Get icons via Crystal Vendor.
      • Get icons via Weekend NPC.

  • Crystal Vendor Additions:
    • Mustafar Helmet (Stocked)
    • Baby Shark Helmet (Stocked)
    • The Child Player Icon (Baby Yoda, Stocked)
    • Pixelated Player Icon
    • Duel of Fates Player Icon (Kenobi vs Skywalker, Stocked)
    • Red ARC Trooper Player Icon (Clone from 2003 Series)
    • Green ARC Trooper Player Icon (Clone from 2003 Series)
    • Blue ARC Trooper Player Icon (Clone from 2003 Series)
      • Spoiler

  • 187th Airborne Legion Overhaul
    • New Classes:
      • Striker Squadron; a small elite squad of 187th troopers who carry out the toughest operations regarding aerial superiority and paradropping.
      • Lore Characters; Law, Cannon, Glitch, and Horns join the fight alongside the 187th.
    • New Models:

      • Spoiler

    • New Weapons:
      • DC-15LE M187
      • DC-15S 'Striker'

  • Completely new Grapple Hook to all classes that have it.
    • Clone Commandos now have grapple hooks as well.

  • The ability to sell:
    • Classified Tier Items to the Astromech.
    • Overcharged Weapons to the Scrapper.
    • WESTAR-M2s to the Scrapper.
    • Dual DC-17s to the Scrapper.

  • New Lore Characters
    • Law, Cannon, Glitch, and Horns join the fight alongside the 187th.
    • Fordo joins the ARC Trooper roster.
    • Jedi Masters Adi Gallia, Kit Fisto, and Eeth Kotharrive on the battlefront to aid the Jedi Order.
      • Spoiler



  • Sub-Regiment Loadouts
    • 501st Torrent Company
      • DC-15X M3-BP; a slow firing heavy hitting LMG-variant of the DC-15X sniper.
    • 212th Ghost Company
      • DC-15S GC2; A fast firing SMG variant of the DC-15S L
    • 327th K-Company
      • Valken x40K; A heavy hitting variant of the Valken x38 rifle.
      • BF Vanguard; A heavily modified hunter shotgun.
      • Smoke Grenades
    • 21st Keller Company
      • DC-15A Mk.21; A very powerful variant of the DC-15A rifle.
      • A250 DMR; A long range marksman rifle capable of punching holes through droids.
    • Doom's Unit Centurion Company
      • DLT-50D 'Barricade Buster' A very strong DLT-20 variant that really packs a punch.

  • Event Music playlist

  • Updated ALL Helmets!
    • Updated all helmet positions to be more friendly with colored visors and other attachments.
    • Added all textures to raw downloads so helmets will no longer be blacked out.
    • Updated ARF and Recon Helmet models to be more high quality.
      • Recon Helmet is now a BARC Helmet and has been re-added to lootcrates.

  • ARC Loadouts
    • DC-17s Sidearm
    • WESTAR-M5
    • Spoiler

  • Staff Logs & Sit system has been improved.

  • FPS Booster; Players can choose between multiple options for helping out their FPS.

  • 74th Medical Regiment
    • New Weapon for all classes: The F-11D Blaster
    • New 74th Medical ARC Trooper
    • 74th Medics now have a red-nameplate to match their new models.
    • New Models:
      • Spoiler



  • Whitelist menu crashing players.
    • Now requires a SteamID to unwhitelist players.

  • A gmod issue where players would get stuck downloading something on the loading screen.

  • 104th Medic missing it's loadout

  • Jedi Temple Guards not having HP & Armor on spawn.

  • Q Menu UI bug

  • 501st Kix not spawning with lore character health and armor.

  • 212th Trapper not spawning with lore character health and armor.

  • 104th Comet, Boost, and Sinker not spawning with lore character health and armor.

  • 501st and 104th Jumptroopers not spawning with assigned cosmetics.

  • Fixed the 'wiggle' issue where players spines would literally detach become jello.

  • Random Ragdolling issue where LAATs will cause players to drop like flies.

  • Lightsabers swinging when switching stances.

  • LEGO Lightsaber crystals causing errors.

  • Placeable Barricades being errors and placing the wrong way.

  • 501st Kix not being able to see downed troopers.

  • Storage Vaults and other items not being able to be dropped.

  • Binoculars being in the Gun Crafting table when they should be in the Basic Crafting table.

  • Ironsights on the DC-15A Valentines, Cupid, and Torrent Company rifles not being correctly placed.

  • 212th Airborne Lockers not opening.

  • Omega Squad 'Darman' nameplate showing up as numbers.

  • Omega Squad Loadouts

  • Explosion effect visual errors.

  • Republic Command Guard & Medical Heavy, Officer, and Commander not seeing /st calls.

  • 501st Echo and Fives being errors for some people.


  • 104th Models

  • Changed BARC Speeder sounds, should no longer burst ear drums from across the map.

  • 41st Medic Model
    • Now has a non-glowing model, uses a Scout Trooper medic model.

  • Saber Stamina
    • Light attacks now cost 5, was 10.
    • Heavy attacks now cost 50, was 35.

  • Changed the ARC Backpack cosmetic to look like how it should in lore.

  • CT Commander & Officer Loadouts
    • Now share the Specialist loadout.

  • Republic Command Crewman and Officer models.

  • Republic Command Shadow Trooper to Republic Command Guards.

  • Shock Trooper nameplate colors.

  • NPC Vendor models to be higher quality.

  • Changed Head HUD rank names to be less immersion breaking.
    • Example: Instead of a "Server Manager" title they now have a "Kaminoan" title.

  • Buffed Z-95 Headhunter
    • Doubled speed, health and ammo counts.

  • Weapon Damages
    • DC-15X
      • was 50 damage, now 70-80.
    • Scatter Shotgun
      • Was 7 damage per bolt, now does 16 damage per bolt
      • Clip raised from 6 to 8.
      • Now has a 2-burst firemode.
    • DC-17m Rifle
      • Was 34 damage, now 42 damage.
    • EE-3a
      • Was 34 damage, now 42 damage.
      • Clip raised from 36 to 50.

  • Vaulted Items
    • Jedi Artisan LEGO Stock
    • Galactic LEGO Weapons
    • Classified Marked Helmet

Please report any bugs, issues, or concerns about this update on the CWRP Discord.

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